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Non-Livestock Projects

2021 Non-Livestock Results



For more information about Non-Livestock please read the Non-Livestock rules and guidelines beginning on page 21 of the Membership Resource Guide.

Non-Livestock Divisions and Categories include:


-Biochemistry/Microbiology/Food Science
-Environmental Science
-Hanging Baskets
-European and Dish Gardens
-Potted Plants
-Silk/Dried Floral Arrangements
2-D Art
-Black & White Photography
-Color Photography
-2-D Art
Creative Arts
-Seasonal Crafts
-Decorative and Functional
-Ceramics and Sculpture
-Textile Design and Three Dimensional
-Gifts from the Kitchen
Floral Design Contest


Non-Livestock Competition Jill Kolb 11/12/2018 756 KB
2019 Online Registration Instructions - Non-Livestock Jill Kolb 11/12/2018 868 KB
NON-LIVESTOCK Rubrics Kathryn Corona 1/9/2020 531 KB
Silent Auction form for Non-Livestock Kathryn Corona 2/3/2021 14 KB
Ag Mech Approval Form - Non-Livestock Kathryn Corona 2/4/2021 13 KB



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