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Student Forms

Ordering a SBFFA Show & Sale Animal 

Turn in the following paperwork & money before the deadline. We will not accept one without the other.


  • Medical Authorization Form - Notarized 
  • Parent/Student Ag Center Contract and Rules Acknowledgment - Notarized
  • Security Access - Ag Center Key Kob Form 
  • Medical Authorization for Trips 
  • W9 - With Student Information 
  • Photo Release 
  • Livestock Order Form 

Online things to complete 


  • Breeding Animal Agreement  - All Heifers & Rabbits
  • Breeding Cattle Pasture Agreements - Only if they qualify

Other Student Forms 


Auctioneer Form - Auctioneer form will be filled out before the Show and Sale and submitted electronically. This form is used when we are auctioning your animal. More information about this form will be provided by the SBFFA Alumni.

Ad Order Form - All SBFFA Exhibitors are required to have a minimum amount of ad sale. This form will be used for you to sell those ads. More information about this form will be provided by the SBFFA Alumni.

Eligibility Form - In order for a student to participate in the SBFFA Show and Sale the student must be academically eligible. The FFA follows UIL standards for this. An eligibility form must be submitted before a student can check in their projects.

Show and Sale Permission Slip - All students showing livestock will turn in a permission slip to be excused from school on the Friday of Show and Sale  



2020-2021 Livestock Order Form Kathryn Corona 9/1/2020 22 KB
Medical Authorization Form Lainie Cline 9/7/2016 245 KB
Parent/Student Ag Center Contract and Rules Acknowledgement Lainie Cline 9/7/2016 341 KB
Security Access - AG Center Key Fob Form Lainie Cline 9/12/2016 774 KB
Medical Authorization for Trips Kathryn Corona 9/12/2017 130 KB
W-9 Form Partricia Wolff 11/19/2015 1466 KB
Photo Release Form Kathryn Corona 9/13/2018 185 KB
SBFFA Breeding Cattle Pasture Agreement Lainie Cline 9/7/2016 272 KB
SBFFA Breeding Animal Agreement Kathryn Corona 9/11/2020 15 KB
Online Registration 2020 - 2021 Kathryn Corona 9/11/2020 16 KB
2020-2021 Cover Art Contest Kathryn Corona 10/4/2020 386 KB
Ad Book Order Form 2021 Kathryn Corona 10/5/2020 661 KB
Auctioneer Form - MUST BE TYPED Kathryn Corona 1/11/2021 46 KB
Eligibility Form for Show and Sale 2021 - FFA Members Kathryn Corona 1/11/2021 221 KB
Heifer Temporarily Relocation Form Peyton Fisher 4/12/2021 212 KB



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