Spring Branch FFA
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Show & Sale Livestock Exhibitors

Raise a Livestock Project for The Spring Branch FFA Show & Sale 

  • Attend 1 of the 2 Mandatory Livestock Meeting (Parent and Student must attend & sign in) - see calendar for dates
    • See below for a copy of the resource guide
  • Turn in forms and money by the deadline - see calendar for dates - Click here for Checklist and Forms
  • Attend Mandatory Workday - see calendar for dates 


Mandatory things after you buy your animal
See mandatory dates page in your membership resource guide for a complete list 
Examples: Workdays, AD Sales, Thank You Note Rough Draft, Show and Sale Weekend, Show and Sale Cleanup, Thank You Note Final Copy, Livestock Checks. All Mandatory things will be listed on the website calendar in RED

Things to remember once your animal arrive 
If your animal is not eating or drinking for more than 1 feeding, has a Runny nose, Yellow or Green nose, Diarrhea, Coughing - take their temperature
Livestock checks take place every Tuesday (except for over Thanksgiving and Christmas) - see calendar for dates & times

Exhibitors, even YOU can participate as a buyer in the Show & Sale! 

To be eligible to enter the major stock shows (Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth, Heart of Texas, State Fair) you must pass the Quality Counts test. See one of the Ag Teachers for more information

If you have any question please let one of the teacher know.

Mrs. Corona - Poultry & Rabbits 

Ms. Nosrat - Pigs

Ms. Fisher - Lambs & Goats 

Mr. McManners- Cattle


Rule Book Sections 1 - 3 - 2023-2024 Kathryn Corona 9/6/2023 4722 KB
Mandatory Livestock Meeting - Presentation - 2023 Kathryn Corona 9/6/2023 1154 KB
Livestock Info Presentation -2023 Kathryn Corona 9/6/2023 11674 KB
Basic Turkey Information Kathryn Corona 9/15/2016 31 KB
Rabbit Information Kathryn Corona 9/21/2016 944 KB
Rabbit Information # 2 Kathryn Corona 9/21/2016 2059 KB
Veterinary Services Robert Terry 10/24/2016 11 KB
Vet and Sick Animals 2017 Kathryn Corona 10/17/2017 11 KB
Raising Broilers for Show Kathryn Corona 12/5/2019 17 KB
Cattle Project Guide Clayton Dumesnil 5/17/2021 4759 KB
Getting Started with Pigs Kathryn Corona 9/13/2022 18 KB
Thank you note instructions Peyton Fisher 2/15/2023 255 KB



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