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Livestock Projects

To be eligible to enter the major stock shows you must pass the Quality Counts test. Below is the link to that site.

Quality Counts

Below are a few document that may help you select your livestock project. 
If you have any question please let one of the teacher know.


Basic Pig Information Katie Thompson 10/17/2016 86 KB
Basic Lamb/Goat Information Katie Thompson 10/12/2016 16 KB
Basic Broiler Information Katie Thompson 9/15/2016 16 KB
Basic Turkey Information Katie Thompson 9/15/2016 31 KB
Rabbit Information Katie Thompson 9/21/2016 944 KB
Rabbit Information # 2 Katie Thompson 9/21/2016 2059 KB
Veterinary Services Robert Terry 10/24/2016 11 KB
Vet and Sick Animals 2017 Katie Thompson 10/17/2017 11 KB
Membership Resource Guide Rebecca New 1/28/2018 1584 KB



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